LEAP – More Choice, More Transparency, Lower Costs

What is LEAP?

The Leading Edge Advisor Programme (LEAP) in an investment platform that provides the professional advisor with innovative and transparent pension solutions for their clients. This unique service combines the expertise of both Conexim and Independent Trustee Company Ltd.

The LEAP investment platform enables financial advisors to:

  • Drive better value for clients.
  • Offer more investment choice - access to over 9,500 UCITS Funds from leading international fund managers. As well as access to equities, bonds and ETFs in a cost effective and advisor-centric manner.
  • Provide a clear and transparent unbundled pricing model.
  • Access to a range of independently constructed Risk Rated Multi-Asset Investment Strategies built by 3rd party best in class fund managers across active, passive and evidence-based investment styles.
  • Make their business more efficient.
  • Enable a better business model.
  • Facilitate stronger compliance.
  • Enhance financial planning and implementation.

Cost Effective Solutions

Costs are one of the driving factors that dictate whether clients reach their goal and are one of the only factors completely within the advisor’s control.  All investments have costs. Money you pay on costs compounds (rises exponentially) over time and because investments with higher costs have to overcome these expenses, their performance tends to suffer versus lower-cost investments. So, give costs the time and attention they deserve. The LEAP platform gives advisors and their clients more choice, transparency and lower costs.

For further information, visit http://www.leapplatform.ie or email justask@independent-trustee.com

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