Pension Property

We facilitate the purchase of property through self-administered pensions.

The flexibility of a self-administered pension means that, provided pension rules are satisfied, property investments can be made by a self-administered pension.  It is possible to invest in Irish, or UK or other property as part of an investment strategy. Check out our video below, to view the full range of benefits.

Pension Borrowing

ITC have been working with our banking partners to facilitate borrowing against property in pensions. As a result, a lending option for residential property has been launched by our partners in ICS Mortgages (Dilosk)

Loans for commercial property are available through our other banking partners.

Use our Pension Lending Calculator to check if there are sufficient funds in your scheme to purchase your desired property. 

Property Management Panel 

It is a requirement of the Revenue Commissioners that properties held in a pension trust are properly managed and it is a condition of purchasing a property through your ITC pension scheme, that a property agent from our Property Management Panel is selected. Choose Your Property Manager

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Advantages of Purchasing Property Through Your Pension Fund

Have you considered property as part of your pension fund?

It has never been easier to avail of these benefits!

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