Is Your Pension ‘Good as Gold’?

With the current level of uncertainty in world markets we have received numerous requests for information on how ITC Self Directed Pension schemes (pre and post retirement) can hold Gold and Silver.

It is accepted that if gold bullion is held via a gold certificate through the Perth Mint Certificates or in secure storage in a variety of local or international locations, then it is not considered a ‘pride in possession’ article or ‘tangible moveable property’, and so fulfils Revenue investment requirements for small self-administered pension schemes.

This opportunity allows scheme members to avail of the diversification benefits and return potential of gold bullion in conjunction with other numerous asset class diversification and tax benefits that ITCs self-directed pension schemes can provide.

Mark O’Byrne, Goldcore Founder and Research Director recently shared with us information about golds role and outlook in times of economic and geopolitical uncertainty, which you can view here

We would like to thank Mark O’Byrne, Stephen Flood and their team at Goldcore for sharing their research and thoughts with us.

For further information on holding Gold/Silver in your self-administered scheme, please speak to your financial advisor or contact

Steven Garavan
ITC Business Development Manager






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