How the Client App is Changing Property Investments

Many ITC scheme investors and their advisors favour investment in property. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • For many property is a well understood asset class compared to, say, equities. From owning or renting property personally, investors may have an understanding of important aspects such as value-for-money, market fluctuations, rent, costs, lending.
  • The risk of depleting the pension in retirement (“bomb-out”) may be reduced as long as rent-paying tenants can be found. For many, pension property is as much a purchase of a potential income stream as it is an investment in bricks and mortar. 
  • Nationally, rents thus far have been on an upwards trajectory since the financial crisis.
  • There is no Income Tax or CGT to pay, not until retirement anyway.
  • Property in your pension is protected from personal creditors, should you fall upon leaner times. 

We believe that our 25 years’ experience has allowed us to acquire an expertise which is unequalled in the marketplace. 

Self-administered is all about staying in control, so in 2018 we introduced the ITC Client Portal App.

1 year later, we feel the App has proven to be an invaluable tool for users as:

  • The App allows clients to view their rental bank account, making it easy to check on the rental payments, day or night.
  • Investors can easily check if/when bills are paid.
  • The App allows you to view all of your scheme investments, including property, LEAP, cash balances etc. 
  • The App can be downloaded from the App store or Google Play Store to the phone.
  • The App allows you to have scheme information at your fingertips.


Warning:   Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.
Warning:  The value of your investment may go down as well as up
Warning:  The income you get from this investment may go down as well as up

The views expressed above are based on ITC’s current understanding of pensions law and Revenue practice.

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