Gearing of Pension Property is Back

Over the past number of months, we in ITC have been working with our banking partners to facilitate borrowing against property in pensions and, as a result, a gearing option for residential property has recently been launched by our partners in ICS Mortgages (Dilosk). 

Loans for commercial property are available through our other banking partners.

Property investments by self-administered pensions have long been a speciality of ITC and many of our clients have benefited from the strong yields generated by property within their pension schemes. It’s worth noting that the full suite of ITC self-administered structures, ITC SSAS, ITC PRSA, ITC Buy Out Bond and  ITC ARF can facilitate property investment.

Rent is of course what makes property an excellent retirement income. In ITC, we recognise that a good governance structure is essential to transforming a great property into a valuable pension investment. A solid framework allows for the investor to focus on the task of choosing the right property. We are happy to announce that our Propertyline offering will now facilitate the return to the market of gearing.

The Propertyline form is here.

If you want more information, talk to your financial advisor, or phone us on 01 661 1022

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