Alternative Pension Investments

With interest rates being offered by banks at an all-time low, investors everywhere are looking for the best opportunities available to invest their money and earn a decent return. This applies for all kinds of investors, including pension investors, who have that extra bonus that any income or capital earned in the pension is free from income tax and capital gains tax.

ITC offers pension scheme holders a different approach to investing their funds.  In addition to standard investments, such as stockbroking accounts and insurance company bonds, ITC offers pension investors the opportunity to purchase property, both domestic and foreign, and to invest into private businesses and bespoke investment projects.  Examples of investees in 2015 alone are:

  • a wind energy company
  • a fitness business
  • a cloud software company
  • a company introducing an online literacy platform for children
  • a security company in India
  • a nursing home

The types of pensions involved have been are all those offered by ITC - Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSASs), Approved Retirement Funds (ARFs), Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs), Buy Out Bonds (BOBs) and Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs). A number of projects have included private as well as pension investors.

ITC Consulting provides structures which facilitate a range of investments in private companies. You can contact anyone from the team and they will be happy to speak to you in relation to queries you may have on an investment of a non-standard nature. Please call us on 01-614 8060.


Jeremy Mitchell and Jennifer Dowd

*Please note this content is the view of the author and not of Independent Trustee Company