Aidan McLoughlin Appointed New IBA President (Part 2)

As previously announced Aidan McLoughlin was appointed President of the Irish Brokers Association for the 2016-2017 term. During his inaugural speech Aidan outlined the (4 I’s) theme for the coming year. 

Extracts from his speech: 


This is arguably the most important role that the Association discharges as it seek to influence for the better the environment in which we all work and the outcomes for the Consumer without whom none of us would have jobs. 
On the business front a key initiative has been the Service Awards and I hope to continue the good work that has been done in transitioning this to a more efficient and effective tool for our members. 
In the last few years the Association has greatly increased its level of engagement with the Media, Politicians, Civil Servants and other Groupings. This has succeeded in highlighting issues of concern and informing the debate. It is my intention to continue this work and build on it in the year ahead.


Our ability to influence is directly linked to our numbers. For the year ahead therefore I will work to increase our impact both through direct membership increase and also through enhance co-operation with other bodies. In this regard I would like to particularly highlight the success to date of Brokers Ireland – our joint initiative with PIBA – and look forward to developing that further in the year ahead.


Everything the association does is ultimately a reflection of, and for the benefit of, you, its members. The key element of its success is the constant flow of information to and from members. The Broker Magazine, The Regional Meetings, the Principals Meetings and the Past Presidents forums are all excellent and successful examples of this in practice. I would urge you all to continue to make full use of these facilities and I will look to maximise the level of input and interaction for the future.


This refers both to an improvement in the operating environment of our businesses as well as an improvement in the businesses themselves. In this regard I give special mention to the LPI Awards which are enjoying unparalleled success and serve to highlight and promote best practice and the firms that engage in it.
I would also highlight the increased use of both technology and the improved facilities in Merrion Square for the purposes of Seminars and other Member events. I will look to build on this again in the year ahead.

It is said that there are no “I” in team; yet the 4 “I's” I have just outlined cannot be achieved without the support and dedication of a number of teams.

Finally to note the IBA would not be the organisation or association it is today, built up over the last 25 years, without the generous support of our member volunteers who make up our Council and the many hard working committees and sub committees.  We are lucky and thankful to have such willing and professional people to both call on and to assist us”.

We at ITC would like to congratulate Aidan and wish him the best on his journey for the year ahead. 





*Please note this content is the view of the author and not of Independent Trustee Company