We’ve Added Some New Features to ITC Nexus – Check them Out

In an effort to continually improve our processes and to keep our Advisors and Clients updated, we recently added some features to the ITC Nexus portal.

What is ITC Nexus?

ITC Nexus is our new online portal for brokers, designed to give greater control over the creation and management of new business applications and existing schemes.

Its functionality includes:

  • Paperless applications.
  • Ability to monitor application pipeline with real-time status changes.
  • Improved communications and response times, with a review of the application within one working day.
  • Easy access to view clients’ live bank account balances, including transaction visibility, key documents, such as client annual scheme reports and scheme details.
  • Online AML certification. Electronic upload with certification taking place during submission.
  • Online signature feature – No more missed signatures on applications.
  • Reduces the application process from days to minutes – No more posting or scanning needed.
  • Video tutorials designed to guide users through the scheme and client set-up process – available through the Knowledge Base section of ITC Nexus.

So, what’s new?

To allow for greater visibility during the New Business Process we have created new notifications to alert brokers:

  • When their Application has been submitted.
  • When an Application needs to be revised.
  • When Revenue Approval has been received on SSAS schemes.
  • When all pension benefits being transferred have been received.
  • Automatic task generation where a broker applies an initial setup fee during the online onboarding process so that they can be paid as soon as funds arrive into the scheme.

We have also created new client notifications to provide them with a copy of our Data Privacy Policy and ITC Terms of Business when they have been set up on ITC Nexus.

Overall these updates will allow for greater ease and clarity during the application set up process. 

For further information or to receive your login details, please email justask@independent-trustee.com or call 01 223 3686

*Please note this content is the view of the author and not of Independent Trustee Company

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