Buying a property with your pension - ITC Propertyline

A key feature of Propertyline is the overall, comprehensive level of service through all stages of the purchase.  The transaction is handled directly by ITC which means the pension investor is free to focus on strategy.

ITC can facilitate purchases in Ireland and the UK using the Propertyline procedure.   If an investor wishes to purchase property outside Ireland and UK, this can be complicated, however ITC has the knowledge and expertise required to provide the structure to facilitate this.

Property purchases are facilitated through ITC’s exempt unit trust structure and a specific sub-fund is established to hold each property. As a result, when borrowing to purchase a property, the other assets of the pension scheme are protected as the bank’s only recourse is to the assets of the sub-fund and not the pension itself. Furthermore, where VAT arises on a purchase, the sub fund itself can be registered for VAT without having to register the entire pension fund for VAT.

Because ITC’s exempt unit trust structure is used, the property can be transferred to an ARF on retirement without the need to pay legal fees, Stamp Duty or Capital Gains Tax.

With twenty years’ experience, Independent Trustee Company is one of the largest providers of self-administered pension structures in Ireland. 

For more information on any of the above points please contact ITC on 01 6611022.

*Please note this content is the view of the author and not of Independent Trustee Company

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