Tom Clinch

Managing Director - Clinch Wealth Management

I choose Independent Trustee Company because you: have unrivalled technical expertise are my first port of call for all technical pension queries and I have never been let down are the unquestioned market-leader in self-directed pensions.

Personal Client

I have ITC looking after my Self-Administered Pension Scheme since I started it about eight to nine years ago and find them very good. They look after my interests very well and keep me up to date on all that happens.

Bernard Power

Company Secretary - The Sisk Group

As company secretary and co-trustee of the Sisk Group’s pension schemes I want to ensure that our schemes are run to the highest levels of governance and compliance. We have found the professional services provided to be knowledgeable and practical and have added to the efficient running of the scheme.

Jim McCauley

Group Chairman - Alcast Group

The service provided by Naeem is excellent, great attention to detail, prompt replies, courteous and accurate accounting. The service is also good value for money.

Rick Butterworth

Personal Client

Like most people I thought pensions were dull and uninspiring! However the guys in ITC opened my eyes to the freedom and flexibility that having a small self-administered scheme can bring. The flexibility to direct the investment is great, I bring my ideas to them and they structure them for my scheme. Amongst them being a lovely rental property in France. Who would have thought? This is brilliant - I'd definitely recommend an ITC SSAS!

Charlie Fleury

Personal Client

With investments timing is everything, ITC’s ability to execute the necessary documentation on time every time has added greatly to my ability to access investment opportunities through my self administered pension scheme. I would recommend ITC to anyone who appreciates efficiency and professionalism.

Nick Charalambous

Senior Wealth Manager - Quintas Wealth Management

I wish to compliment John Blake on what I can only describe as superb service he has provided since he was allocated to Quintas.  It is nothing short of outstanding.

Gavin McGrath

Personal Client

Many thanks for your help Mark. You continue the high levels of professionalism that, I must say, seems to be the hallmark of Independent Trustee Company.

Pat Flanagan

Personal Client - Hiney Financial Services

The Independent Trustee Company webinar was excellent - sound, picture and content were of great quality. I felt I got as much from the webinar as anyone who was in the room and the mix of speakers was excellent. In general the communication from ITC has notably improved over the last year. As a client of ITC I feel that with the regular updates through newsletters and ezines I am getting value for my fees.

Niall Duggan

Director - Duggan Asset Management

Marie went beyond her role as a relationship manager for the pension trusts to chase other third parties to perform their tasks for these schemes efficiently. This allowed Marie to play her role effectively. It was a pleasure to deal with a relationship manager who was prepared to take this additional step in order to improve the overall service levels and efficiency of service for the schemes concerned.