Reduce Tax Liability Overnight with ITC Nexus

With the Revenue online tax filing deadline approaching, the inevitable question arises as to how to reduce the tax bill. Tax relief on pension contributions is still one of the best answers. If your client does not have a pension scheme or if the existing pension provider operates early cut-offs for contributions, don’t panic. You can set up an ITC pension online through ITC Nexus and post the contribution cheque to us right up until the 16th November.

After that, there’s plenty of time to consider pension strategy whether to invest the contributions in pension property, buy into a model portfolio on our LEAP platform, or avail of alternative investment opportunities.

With ITC’s online portals both you and your client can monitor the money in comfort from your PC or your phone.

To register for ITC Nexus or to receive your login details, please email


*Please be advised PRSA applications created in the lead up to the Nov 16th, must include a copy of the section 30 receipt when posting the cheque to confirm the contribution was made before the cut-off date.













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